Looking for satisfaction in bed follow my details below

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Carol Moditse is my name, a married mom of two daughters. I am 28 and i stay in Durban.

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I am a doctor, who graduated with a master’s at Johannesburg University in 2017. My husband is a specialist doctor. I have two residential stands to my name and two more together with my husband. I own a car wash here in Durban too. I earn big as well.

Why i need you

I am looking for someone who is willing to feed me. I am sex starved. My husband barely have time for me. My sex drive happens to be high and I want more sex which my husband can’t give to me. I want to be satisfied sexually. All that matters is your willingness to please me.

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Offering to love bleeser

I am offering money, jobs for anyone willing to please me. I will fullfil his wishes as a token of appreciation for satisfying me. I vow to improve his lifestlye.

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