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I am Sandra Moyo, aged 32. I live in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal together with my husband who is not fertile.

I am a University professor. My father is the principal at our college. Financially we are more then stable. I wouldn’t want to say we are rich, but that is the right word to use. We have a fleet of cars. Three apartments and a lodge in town.

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I am looking for sperms of a fertile man. My husband has a condition and he can’t impregnate me. Not picky the man just have to be fertile and has kids. All I want is to have a kid, I’m in desperate need of one. We have tried all the other ways of having one but to no avail.

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The rewards are huge. We are going all out. Whatever this willing man will want we will provide it. Be it money, a job, anything actually, even sex I will provide.

Now am most found on SATESPACE just google it and send me a friend request we will chat a lot. I know if you are real you will follow me then. I am tired of being cheated now i want to settle ,don’t give me stress please

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