I want to start over. Need white wedding

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My name is Minnie Jones, a mom of one aged 28. I live with my daughter in Bloemfontein.

I am a public relations officer at my dad’s company, I cannot disclose the company. I am well taken care of. I have many assets to my name including food outlets that I also manage. I have houses and cars of my own. I’m a church person just like my parents. I’m coming from a failed arranged marriage.

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I am looking for a new start with someone of my choice. I want someone who comes with the vision of living and cherishing me and our union should be a business of some sort. Our marriage should be based on love and care. I like tall guys, fit, non smokers. He can drink. He has to be smart. Age doesn’t really matter.

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Everything this guy wants I will be obliged to make it happen with pleasure. I will be all his, guaranteed. Love is difficult to find these days, given I found it I will cherish it better.

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