Looking for a serious women to wed

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In the streets they call me ‘The Governor’ but Scelo Mboweni is my real name. I am 33, i stay in Sibasa, limpompo with my son.

I am a principal at my collage. I own two more private schools in Pretoria and Martisburg. I graduated in 2016. Started as a private online tutor. I am a successful man, I have a mansion and two flats in the capital. I drive a range Rover, I have plenty cars.

Type of a girl i need

I am looking for a serious lady to marry not these gold diggers. I want a matured lady not the so called slaying Queens, I want a wife material person. The mother of my son was all after my money and things didn’t work well because there wasn’t love, she only loved my money. I want someone between 23-26. I want someone who has focus and is also ready to commit. Looks will be an added advantage. She only have to be a lady, good behaviour. No smokers, not a drinker too, not a party animal. Shape and size doesn’t not matter really. She also has to be a girl not someone who has been married before.

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Promises to you my love

Wedding bells definitely. I promise to make her happy, give her a job if she is interested in working. I will make sure I treat her as a queen she is, my life will be about serving her and making all her dreams come true. A house and a car will be on the cards.