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Am Mello Hlamini (36) from KwaZulu Natalee. A mother of one looking serious relationship with a good man around South Africa.

Truth About Me

I grew up in remote area until i finish grade 12. This was the time i come to town to stay. During my childhood i just come only holiday times. I starts my first degree at university of Pretoria. I did civil engineering program now am a graduate. My first man i meet him at university and he takes advantage of being a new in town. He then pregnant me and i thought he is the one who will marry me. That mean man starts beating and abusing me daily. I decided to move away. I got a job and was paying . Everything is stable, i don’t have any burden. Only i miss is a male voice and someone who called my man. I promise to love you my ambitious hubby. Always praying for God to give me my desire and fulfill my dream. I know God says yes who say no.

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What Character Do I Expect From You

Am a single mother and thirty-six years i need a mature man who is thirty-eight and above. Should know the responsibility of being a father. He also consider my lovely daughter. If you are mine you should love my daughter too. Taller man or medium size have already advantage. I need non smoker, church goer will be the first preference. Humble and loyal is a man i am looking for. Should not have any crime case .
NB being employed or not are part and parcel of being mine. I don’t consider it at all.

How can get my details

I post here to meet a real man. Comment my post first and chose me. Leave your details phone number etc… Follow me on Twitter, Facebook i will accept you there and give you my private number.