My next Ben 10 is going to be a millionaire in a year. Sheilla, 35- East London. I don’t make idle promises

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I’m a rich single lady who is looking for a younger male to spend time with. My promises to you include your own personal office. Once we become a thing, I will give you a well paying job. You will be the boss and no one will push your around. Everything you want will be given to you. Just make sure you don’t develop an affair with your secretary because that will disappoint me since you will be mine at the time.
Obviously you won’t walk on foot. I personally like Maserati so I think I will just get you the same car. The car is safe and gay enough so it will be good for the both of us to drive around in it. Servicing the car will be your responsibility now since you will be the one penumbra it and you will also be going to work. Most of your work days will be cut in half so we can get extra hours to travel around the city and visit movie houses.
I can’t exhaust all there is to reward you with, just k know that there’s a lot you can get.

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What i need

In return I want your loyalty. That’s all I expect from you. Let me be your only one and life will get much easier for us. I don’t want you to run around out there and try to get other women. In that case I will automatically cut you off my network. It’s not something hard, it’s for the both of us, for our health. Once you start making money all the women are going to want you and some of them are sick. You really wouldn’t wanna get sick right? Exactly.

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