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I am Nomvelo Thusi, single and a proud mom of one. I am turning 30 next month. I reside in Queenstown

I am looking for a serious life partner, a true lover. There isn’t really much to know about me. I am a simple lady, smart, bold, I have a great shape and beautiful. I came from a poor family I was raised well with a single mother, my father died when I was 6. I am a doctor by profession. I graduated in 2015 and worked for a private hospital soon after graduation. I am now my own manager as I have managed to open my own surgery which is doing well. I am financially stable, I own three flats and two apartments here. I drive nice cars. I am well up but I have been unlucky when it comes to man.

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about me before

I want a humble and a hard-working man just like me. One who would want to spend the rest of their lives with me too. I am not picky. He has to love me that’s all. I want someone who will truly love me not loving my body or my money unlike my ex-hubby. A God fearing man, not outgoing. He has to have good humour and character. My ex-husband was a party animal despite him not having a job. His love was based on what he can get from me. There was no love.

Given that I find a true lover I will do anything for him. All I want is to give and receive real love. I will do anything be it getting him a job or anything. I also want someone who will support my vision and making him a co-partner in my business won’t be an issue. I will do anything.

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