Primrose (37 )still single have a burden of who can marry her. She is explaining her background.

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Primrose Dlamini is original name. I am thirty-seven single mother . I have two children (a girl and a boy).Johannesburg is my home town. This is the town i was born and grew up. Right now am still living there. I know how to hustle in this town. Having money is not a problem. Now i can process anything that brings money.

I am not a thug girl but i am a single hard worker. Everything that gives me money fails after try. Currently am selling second hand jackets as well as wive from China. These things are on demand these days. People are looking them too. This is my business am doing now and is paying.

myself as single

I am fate lady with big buttocks. I speaks about four local languages. Medium in height and light in complexion. My body is not bad too much. A lot of men always approaching me but i am not a god. The man whom i will accept is one is serious. Should be 40 and above interms of age. If he had his own children who are less three or less number no problem. That is the type of man i need. I know he will understand challenges faced in relationships. He is mature enough to handle a woman.

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I don’t date ben ten. I am not a sugar mummy but house wife. If you are below my age please don’t try me. Those who pretend are the people i hate most. I don’t want people who worst someone’s time. Now had been four since my last relationship. I don’t rush to have a man. Only time will tell and only will answer my prayers.

If i saying i love you, i mean it. I am not a heartbreaker anymore. This why i took time to accept a man. I know most men only need sexual desire. Once you get it then no more love again so am aware of that. No one will touch me, everything is reserved for my man.

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