Rich Mummy want a Ben 10 to date with check her WhatsApp number and details

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Sandra (43) reach mummy with everything is looking for a young boy or man to stay with. I divorce my husband five years ago and upto now i never have a man on same bed. I don’t know the i will meet him what will happen.

Listen to me

I was a modeling artist since my childhood. This gives me a chance to marry a very reach man. I want to give thanks to my former husband he teaches me how to manage business and how to invest money. We divorced because of other girlfriends. He was now spend even two weeks no back home. Even call or excuse, i will the day he will arrive only. These took long time giving him chance after chance be he never stop until i decide to go to court for breaking marriage. We share everything and i won the court.

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I left with a farm, company certificates, 4 houses and also a huge surgery. Cars that i have now i don’t count how many are there. It not pride but am talking what is on the ground.

Why i need ben 10

Had been trying those of my age even i never slept with them but they have dirty minds. Honestly i am short tempered. I need someone that i trust. I know young boys would understand and trusted. They are not yet spoiled that they can live with one partner.

Be mine i will give you these

You choose type of cars you want to drive. Home steady that you want to live. I will buy a house for your parents. If you have sisters and brothers who need assistance i will be the one. Whatever you want to go to spend holiday like beach we go together.

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What am expecting from you

If i need love i have to get it. I don’t want someone who says am tired with two rounds only, No. I don’t want one pretend to be busy if i need love.
Ok my WhatsApp number is +27736452143 . Am based in Durban . You can follow me on Instagram user name Sandra mummy12, even Twitter