Tammy desperate for marriage .Come on my dream hubby……

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Tammy Siziba(29) is my name. I am in my late twenties. I stay in Lebowakgomo, Limpompo at a company’s house.

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I am a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at one of the biggest mining company here in South Africa. My life is okay but it feels empty on the love side, I haven’t been lucky that side. I struggle when it comes to getting serious men. I am now worried because I am growing older and you know people also start giving you pressure. I came from a rich background. I own an hotel in Mussina, I have plenty taxis on the roads and I also have numerous fancy cars to my name, company cars excluded. I am a simple lady, I don’t like show off, sociable and friendly.

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I am desperately looking for someone who wants to settle down. I want to get married soon. The person has to be matured not these players. I want someone who also has the same vision with me, someone who wants to settle and start a family. I believe marriage is a blessing and im looking for my blessing who knows maybe It will find me here. I came from a strong Christian background and this person should be a Christian too.

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I fund the wedding given we all want the same thing. Everything I own and I have worked for will be ours. I will share my everything with you. I am willing to go all the way out for the man of my life.

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