Young rich guy looking for virgin girl to marry

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I am popularly known as ‘the president’ but my real name isThabo Ngema 25. I stay in the capital city Pretoria alone at a rented apartment.

I am a drop out. School and me we didn’t bond well. I am buying and selling new phones and accessories. It’s not paying that much but I am surviving.

What type of girl i need

I want a blesser, a sugar mommy. I want someone who can change my life. I want someone who can take care of my needs and upgrade my life. The lady has to have cash. I don’t care about the body type, completion nor the marital status.

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I will be the sweetest thing you ever had. I promise to bring back the joy in all ways possible. I am good in bed, that is something to look forward to. I vow to be obidient.

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